Ideas For Ico Promotion

The ICO or cryptocurrency market has been on a downswing in recent months, but the problem isn’t one of lack of ideas for promotion. In fact, you may find that ico marketing is just too easy if you’re armed with these creative ideas!

Here are some awesome tips to get your Return on Investment (ROI) back up to where it should be:

1. Have a token pre-sale

If you’re planning for your ICO to last for as long as possible, it means that you’ll be accepting various forms of crypto and fiat currency in order for investors to make their contributions. However, if you organize a pre-ICO sale where only certain token types are accepted, the chance of exclusive discounts will attract more early adopters and project enthusiasts.

2. Set up a bounty program

Bounty programs are one of the most effective ways to increase activity and engagement online, but they also happen to be extremely popular when it comes to cryptocurrency ICO campaigns. If you’re looking for ways to promote your tokens, links to bounty programs are best placed on your website’s landing page so everyone can see them

3. Live events

Meetups and conferences are common ways to bring people together, but they’re also great places to hold ICO parties. However, you’ll obviously want to make them as exciting as possible in order for people to pay attention. Live ico marketing events are always a great way to demonstrate the value of the tokens in question. Having the ICO manager present will heighten the value of the event itself, especially if they have a history of engaging with their community. If they have impressive funding records, this is a great opportunity to show what you can do. Guest posting sites are here.

4. Live videos

Live video streaming is more popular than ever, and there are a number of live streaming sites online who would be happy to host your ICO. There are even websites which specialize in blockchain-related streams. Video content has the ability to spread virally, if it’s done correctly. Ever since The DAO raised 5 million USD in a matter of hours in 2016, live video streaming has become an increasingly popular format for ICOs to inspire public trust and support for their projects. Always having a few important people present on these broadcasts is also good for building engagement with the community.

5. Barter exchange

If you’re doing an ICO to encourage cryptocurrency adoption, it’s best to offer tokens as incentives for people to buy goods or services instead of using fiat currency – and online barter exchanges are great for getting this started because they have been proven effective in other industries.

6. Sponsor podcasts and videos

Podcasts are another popular medium for cryptocurrency enthusiasts, and they can be used to introduce a lot of people to your ICO campaign if you sponsor one just before the public sale begins. Make sure that their audience is targeted towards the right individuals though, or it may not be worth the investment.

7. Sponsor a music festival

Music festivals are some of the most popular events of the summer season, and they attract a lot of people who may not have been aware of crypto coins for seo service until they heard about them at that event. It’s very easy to get your brand name out there in this setting as well, which means that it’s an excellent place to advertise your ICO.

8. Project-specific blogs

Blogs can be a great place to get a lot of exposure if you create them for your ICO and make sure that they stay updated frequently with the latest news stories. You can even post links to your ICO landing page, which will help get people interested in investing.

As well as a general blog, it’s worth considering the creation of a blog purely dedicated to the project your company is working on – this will give you a good opportunity to talk about your vision and ideas with the goal of promoting transparency and trust.

9. Project-specific Twitter feeds

Twitter is becoming an increasingly popular platform for keeping up with all things crypto, so it’s worth making sure that you have a dedicated Twitter feed for each project you are involved with. You should try to use hashtags that are relevant to your ICO campaign when tweeting these updates too, because this will ensure that people who follow these accounts will see them when they look for crypto news online.

10. Sales page updates

If you’re doing an ICO and using any kind of sales page to promote your tokens, it’s a good idea to add a bit more content for users. This can come in the form of success stories from other companies which have been funded by similar projects, or infographics which show how useful the service is.


The blockchain is proving to be a lucrative market, and if you’re planning an ICO or token marketing, it’s vital that you think about how you can best advertise the tokens to your potential clients. These ten tips should get your campaign started on the right foot – but remember not to overlook these ideas once the public sale begins!

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